Bengaluru: Through its mouthpiece, the Communist Party of China has threatened India of dire consequences in case of an escalated military conflict. 

This comes just a day after Indian troops gave a strong reply to Chinese aggression on the Southern Bank of the Pangong Tso lake. 

Most disgustingly, it notes that New Delhi is trying to shift focus from the domestic issues like coronavirus outbreak and a sluggish economy: “India is now burdened with domestic issues, especially the coronavirus situation that has almost spiralled out of control. On Sunday, the number of new infection cases reached as high as 78,000, breaking the world record. The economy has been dragged into a sluggish state. By provoking tensions at the border, New Delhi also aims to shift domestic attention, which is a hooligan behaviour externally, and political flimflam internally.” 

It also goes ton to say that China has more tools and capability than India. 

“If India wants to engage in competition, China has more tools and capability than India. If India would like a military showdown, the PLA is bound to make the Indian army suffer much more severe losses than it did in 1962.” 
On the issue of India getting support from the United States of America, it said, “India should not have any illusions of Washington's support, nor does it need to embolden itself by strengthening cooperation under the Quad framework. China-India border issues are bound to be solved by the two. The US can only support India verbally. How can it help India grab Chinese territory? What is really in the minds of the Americans is to let India and China consume themselves so that India can become a more useful pawn in the US' China containment strategy.” 

Furthermore, it sabre-rattles that China must resort to military action if necessary.  

“China needs to prepare to carry out a military struggle in the China-India border area. We should try our best to resolve frictions through peaceful means. But when India recklessly challenges China's bottom line, China must not be soft. It must take military actions when necessary, and ensure it can win. China is several times stronger than India, and India is no match for China. We must smash any Indian illusion that it can deal with China by colluding with other powers, such as the US.”