Idukki: An expert team headed by Dam Safety Authority chairman R Ramachandran Nair visited the Idukki and Cheruthodi dams in Kerala to review their safety ahead of the monsoon season. The team also visited the gallery of the arch dam and inspected the shutters of Cheruthoni dam, Idukki district, Kerala. 

Ramachandran told media that the floods had not weakened the dam. He also refuted claims of the amicus curiae report, which stated that the floods were caused  due to the opening of the shutters, and attributed the floods to heavy rains. 

The assessment was made after thorough inspection during the team's visit to the premises of Idukki-Cheruthoni dam.

The officers were given instructions to oil the shutters and gates. There is a possibility for change in dimensions of the dam due to the hot climate, but as the dam was painted white it helped in limiting the heat, the team evaluated.

The Kerala government has also rejected the amicus curiae report by Jacob P Alex on the floods that ravaged the state recently. The report suggests that the Kerala August floods was caused due to lapses in dam management. In an affidavit submitted by the state government to the Kerala high court, the government said that the report is not scientific and added that no kind of judicial investigation is needed in the case. 

The report was submitted following several complaints alleging that the state government failed to handle the issue properly. Jacob P Alex had submitted the report in the high court and also demanded a judicial probe.