Indore: The Madhya Pradesh high court has dismissed a petition seeking a stay on the demolition of a house that was in the news last week in Indore. BJP legislator Akash Vijayvargiya has assured he would not intervene in the demolition of the house. He had assaulted a civic official who had come for the demolition.

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Indore MLA Akash was in the news for attacking the official with a cricket bat, that too in full public view when a municipal team had arrived to pull the house down, citing its dilapidated condition as the reason. The occupants of the house located in the Ganji compound in Indore had opposed the demolition.

However, the high court directed the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) to provide a temporary shelter elsewhere for the family living in the house within two days.

"The IMC's bid to dismantle the dilapidated house is in a larger interest so I will not intervene," Justice Rohit Arya was quoted as saying by the petitioner family's counsel Pushymitra Bhargava.

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"Though the court did not pass stay order, it directed the IMC to provide a dwelling facility temporarily within two days. The family can live at the place for three months," he added.

The incident of Akash attacking the municipal officer gained large-scale media attention.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had condemned the incident and stated that no matter whose son he was, the incident was simply “unacceptable”.

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Akash spent a couple of days in jail and received a grand welcome when he came out of jail.

A BJP lawmaker reportedly stated that the PM Modi is very upset with Akash and that he has asked the party leaders to dissolve the local unit of BJP for welcoming Akash while he came out of jail.