Bengaluru: India is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has had its terrible effects on the country, with many being killed. 

However, the pandemic has also seen how noble souls have come forward to help the needly and necessitous. Using the adversity as an opportunity, these people have exhibited how humanity can be helped in a selfless manner.  

Transgenders in Mumbai are going all out to help those who are in need of help. These transgenders are also helping deliver ration kits to as many as 80 thousand people. 

These people are also delivering masks and sanitizers to the people. Also, these masks and sanitizers have been distributed at the police station and bus stand. More than one lakh transgenders are associated with the institution.

Salma Khan, president of Kinnar Maa Sanstha says, "This is the work of the government, but for how long will we sit on the government's trust? All of us should take up our responsibilities. That is why we are working to provide food to the needy. We have also given rations in Mumbai, Thane, Nalasopara, Palghar, Pune and Vasai. We first started this campaign for the eunuchs here, but later we also started helping the common people. We mostly deliver food to people living in slum areas”.

It is heartening to see such people come forward and help others. 

In the meantime, Indian Railways, air force and DRDO are also doing their best to ensure they mitigate the covid crisis. The railways is running Oxygen Express to supply Oxygen to different parts of the country while the air force is pressing its giant aircraft to airlift oxygen. 

On the other side, DRDO is building hospitals and has transferred its onboard oxygen generation system technology so that oxygen shortage is curbed.