Bengaluru: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit India hard. Though it is an adversity of gigantic proportions, a few noble souls have used it as an opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need. 

To counter the spread of the virus, India shut down last year. This year too, several states have imposed lockdowns to break the viral spread. Though the lockdown is an effective tool in stymieing the spread, it also has many side-effects – one of them being economic consequences. 

India Today reports that a wife - Rajashree Bhaware had to face a lot of privations as her husband lost his job owing to the lockdown in Mumbai. Unable to make ends meet, she had to rethink about her son’s education as well. 

She says, “Everything has stopped ever since the lockdown kicked in. My husband is a contractor but he has no work”. 

Forced to check her expenses, she did not even know how to fund her son’s school fee. 

But little did she know that the principal of the school her son studies in would come as a saviour. The school principal had paid the school fee of not just her son, but also that of 200 kids! 

Prateek Bhaware, the son says, “Our principal has paid Rs 40 lakh as fee for all our children. We are all very happy. The total number of kids is 200”. 
Shirley Uday Kumar, the selfless principal says, “We started appealing to different companies. We made use of CSR”. 

The website adds that two companies donated Rs 20 lakh as CSR and the remaining Rs 20 lakh came from citizens and concerned citizens. 

It is in this way that kind souls like the principal in question that walk the extra mile, just to ensure that the kids – the future of our nation – do not get cheated.