Bengaluru: India is indeed going through a lot of pain and privations as the second wave of the deadly coronavirus has spread its tentacles far and wide. 

While some are literally begging for oxygen, some others are hunting for hospital beds. It is also not to be forgotten as to some more are pleading for plasma. 

But the nation is fighting as one. People are doing their bit to ensure that everyone gets medicine among other things and are free of pain. 

One among such is Baljit Singh Chawla of Rudraprayag. 

He has been running a business related to oxygen for years. Now, when India is in the clutches of the viral vengeance, he has decided to give oxygen flow meters to those who can’t afford it free of cost. 

In just 1 week, he has given 600 such meters to people free of cost, as per a Dainik Bhaskar report. 

He adds, “I have learned repairing and welding work from my father. Right now, I am preparing an oxygen flow meter. I also have a worker with me. We prepare it at our shop. We are sourcing parts from Delhi or other cities. Every day, we are working for 17-18 hours, so that more and more products can be produced”.

But one certainly can’t the hardships the Good Samaritan himself is facing. He is finding it hard to gather raw materials. The situation becomes much worse as the cost of these spare parts has hit the sky. For example, what used to cost Rs 50 now costs Rs 2000. He has to burn a hole in his pocket to meet the costs. 

Fortunately, a few others have come forward to join hands with him. They help him the best way possible. In this way, even to this day, he continues to give such meters free of cost to at least 70 people a day.