Bengaluru: While the viral vengeance has hit India hard, leaving its citizens in dire straits, there are some good souls who have used this adversity as an opportunity to reach out to the needy and necessitous by giving them food at the right time. 

Nina Muniyal from Agra is one such soul. She has been cooking food for covid patients and distributing them free. In fact, she has even hired two men to deliver her food items to isolation points where the patients have been housed. 

"I'm a part of the initiative called Prasadam where a group of women from different areas of the city cook food individually for Covid patients near their area. I cover Khandari, Lawyers Colony, Sikandra, Bagh Farzana, Lajput Kunj and Diwani," as reported by India Today. 

Her altruistic work has been amplified by social media groups. This has helped her reach many patients. 

However, to ascertain the genuineness of the patients, she seeks covid positive report from them. 

"A positive Covid report is mandatory to avail the food that we cook. The purpose of the service is to feed people who are genuinely in need of our help. There are some impostors who may lie just to get free food. Therefore, I ask for the Covid reports," she adds. 

Nina wakes up early in the morning and starts preparing the food. Later, she takes the service of two men to deliver it. Lunch reaches the patients at 1 pm, while dinner is served by 7.30 pm. She says, "We have normal food that we eat on a daily basis in our homes. In lunch, apart from roti and sabji, we also give khichdi as many patients are advised to have semi-liquid diet as they cannot swallow solid food."

It is in this way that Nina is doing her best to alleviate the sufferings in the society.