Bengaluru: We have seen many good souls contribute financially to help fellow citizens during the ongoing covid crisis. 

But here is a story that will leave you teary-eyed. 

An RSS worker - Narayan Dabhadkar from Nagpur – aged 85 sacrificed his own life to help a younger citizen get a bed. 

As per an OpIndia report, which sourced the story to a Twitter account by an RSS worker Rahul Kaushik, the daughter of the senior citizen in question got a bed for her father after a frantic search in Nagpur. 

After getting one, Narayan was rushed to the hospital. As the formalities were getting completed, Narayan saw a woman in her 40s pleading with the hospital authorities for a bed for her husband who was in a critical condition. 

Immediately, he sprang up and said, “I am 85 now, have lived my life, you should offer the bed to this man instead, his children need him.”  

Once he did this, he informed his daughter through his grandson-in-law. 

Later, he signed a consent form to relinquish the bed and returned home. 

The report adds that he bravely fought the virus for the next three days after which he gave up his body. 

It is people like him who shine like the sun while there are a myriad stories of despair, disappointment and despondency. 
Giving up one’s own life to help a younger citizen to take treatment is an act worth emulation. 

Meanwhile, as the second wave continues to hit the nation, our covid warriors – frontline health workers – are doing their bit to treat the affected. 

Let’s salute them as well!