Bengaluru: At a time when India is facing the worst of covid-19 pandemic, many companies have come forward to help the survivors of covid-19 victims.    

OpIndia notes that corporate companies like Borosil and OYO have come forward to assist families of employees who have died due to Covid. 

On May 23, Tata Steel, one of the largest corporate houses in India, announced that families of the employees who died due to the Covid-19 infection would continue to receive salaries till 60 years of age of the deceased.

In a Tweet, the group said, “Tata Steel has taken the path of ‘Agility With Care’ by extending social security schemes to the family members of the employees affected by COVID19. While we do our bit, we urge everyone to help others around them in any capacity possible to get through these tough times.”

In the statement, the company said, “With you, a promise of yesterday, today and tomorrow.” It added that the company stands with the affected families with a deep sense of loss at the demise of the employees during the pandemic. “The family will get the last drawn salary till 60 years of age of the deceased employee/nominee along with medical benefits and housing facilities,” it added.

The company further added that the company would bear the education expenses of the children till they graduate and will continue to provide medical and housing facilities to families of all the frontline employees of Tata Steel who have died due to Covid.

During the Covid pandemic, TATA group came forward along with several other corporate houses to provide support and assistance to the people in need. In March 2020, the conglomerate committed to contributing Rs.500 crore to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2021, when the country was facing an acute medical oxygen shortage, the steel industry stepped in to provide oxygen to the hospitals.

Between April 1 and May 18, the company supplied over 30,000 tons of medical oxygen.

In April, the company imported 14 cryogenic containers to assist in Oxygen transport.

After two weeks of the 26/11 attack, Ratan Tata had formulated Taj Public Service Welfare Trust to provide relief to the families affected by the terror attack. The work of the trust is not limited to the 26/11 attack but to any Indian affected by war, terrorist attack, bomb blasts or natural disasters.