Bengaluru: The second wave of coronavirus has unleashed itself on India in a disdainful manner.   

The cries for oxygen are heart-breaking. Some are ferreting for hospital beds while some others do not manage to have two meals a day. 

It is nothing less than a cataclysm. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as overseas Indians are doing whatever they can to ameliorate the situation and alleviate the sufferings of their brothers and sisters in India. 

It is truly heart-warming to note that these NRIs are sending oxygen concentrators and other things back to India. 

Kapil Shukla, an NRI in in Los Angeles, hailing from Kanpur, has been working in the field of technology. 

He says, “We have sent 115 oxygen concentrators from here. Apart from this, oxygen cylinders and other resources are also being arranged. Next week we will send another shipment. We are trying to help our country in every way. In this campaign, we are also getting the support of the people and people are also donating funds openly. So far, we have collected more than 10 thousand dollars of funds,” as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar. 

Kapil’s team has meticulously delegated the entire work. His team is subdivided into many other smaller groups. While one group takes care of fund collection, another takes care of the logistics and delivery and its fair utilisation. 

It is also good to note that the team is working day and night to ensure government red-tapism doesn’t hamper the pace with which the relief materials reach the beneficiaries. 

These patriotic Indians are stealing time in their busy schedules. They are sacrificing their sleep, their leisure hours so that they can be a source of help back home. 

Inspired by the altruistic work of these noble souls, many Americans too are contributing their might.