Bengaluru: The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has hit India hard, impacting almost all families in the country. 

Many have lost lives, many more have lost livelihoods. Some others have lost near and dear ones as well. In simple terms, a pall of gloom has descended on the country. 

Despite this despair and devastation, many positive stories have emerged. 

It could be how some have endeavoured hard to help others get oxygen or oxygen cylinders or hospital beds. It could also be how many are distributing meals free of cost or even victuals to the needy and necessitous. 

18-year-old Lavanya from Tumakuru, Karnataka, lost her father in the ongoing pandemic. 

Her father always motivated her to achieve big in life. 

A first-year engineering student, Lavanay delivers newspapers in the mornings. Her father used to deliver newspapers for 35 long years. Now she continues in his footsteps. 

She says, “I want to continue my father’s job. I am not bothered about what the society thinks. I just want to carry the tradition of my father who had unflinchingly delivered newspapers for 32 long years. I am fortunate to receive motivation from my uncle and mother,” as reported by India Today.  

While Lavanya is pursuing her engineering studies, she is also preparing for IAS simultaneously. 

“I wake up at 4: 45 in the morning. I then start delivering newspapers. My father had also employed 5 people. they also help in delivering the newspapers,” she adds. 

Youngsters like her who dare to do such jobs during a pandemic truly stand out.