Bengaluru: Dharam gurus or religious leaders have a phenomenal sway over their devotees. 

Their devotees easily place them on the pedestal and carry out their wishes or demands most meticulously. 

Naturally, when a terrifying pandemic strikes a nation, the Prime Minister would go the extra mile just to ensure his countrymen do not face the consequences of the pandemic and the society at large, remains safe. 

Well, in order to drive home the important aspect of safety and it reaches the masses, the PM has decided to make use of the religious leaders and the clout they have with the masses. 

Earlier this afternoon, when he held a videoconferencing with chief ministers, it is this point that he stressed on. 

He urged the chief ministers to have a word with the religious leaders in order to communicate to their devotees about the importance of staying vigilant, practising social distancing and not to venture out of houses. 

Further, he also appealed to the religious leaders themselves to talk to their devotees and keep the society safe. 

A case in point on why PM stresses on religious leaders: 

The Tablighi event in Nizamuddin in Delhi is a classic example of how religious leaders dictate their devotees. 

As the attendees rushed to their natives, some of them asked the health officials who came to check them to talk to their gurus and only then, would they pay heed. 

Once these religious leaders talk to their devotees and convince them not to venture out of houses and practice social distancing along with good hygiene, they would have achieved the goal of breaking the transmission of the spread of virus. 

India is a land of beliefs. A lot of Indians believe in scriptures and their injunctions and revere their gurus to the hilt. 

If this aspect can be used for a good cause, why not?