Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a Cabinet meeting at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi on March 25. A picture of the meeting has gone viral on social media, where the  ministers were seen seated at a distance from each other, maintaining social distancing etiquette due to coronavirus.

The Prime had said that from March 25, starting midnight, India will be placed under complete lockdown for 21 days. He also said that this will be stricter than Janatha Curfew. He added that “we will go 21 years behind if you don't comply with lockdown orders for the next 21 days”.

PM Modi announced that the Centre has approved a Rs 15,000 crore package to strengthen the health infrastructure of the country. "This has brought in difficult times for the poor. Many are coming together to help them. This is done to save lives. This decision has been taken based on inputs given by experts and WHO. Rs 15000 crore has allowed for all essential equipment to fight the deadly virus," said Modi