Mangaluru: As nation battles coronavirus, the number of positive cases reported is 873 while the deaths stand at 20.

17 members of a family in Islampur, Maharashtra have been tested positive. 

While the country observes fourth day of the 21-day lockdown, there are people who still roam around the streets, increasing the threat of spread of the virus. 

With a view to bring more awareness on the issue and educate people, the Mangaluru police (Karnataka), in association with Ramakrishna Mission authorities, have launched a unique campaign. 

Those people who violate rules and venture out on the streets are made to hold a placard which reads, "I am guilty. I have violated the lockdown orders.”


A popular website quoted Mangaluru Commissioner of Police Dr P S Harsha as saying, “This is an initiative to prevent people from stepping onto the roads.” 

Modi announces 21-day lockdown:

Three days ago, PM Modi announced a lockdown of the entire country for a period of 21 days to combat the spread of coronavirus.

He urged the people of the country to stay indoors and help break the chain of transmission. However, he added that there was no need to panic as essential services like police and medicine, among others would remain unaffected.

RBI announces moratorium:

Earlier on Friday, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das announced a 3-month moratorium on paying EMIs, thereby bringing more relief to the common man. He also announced a reduction in repo rates.  

PM Modi lauds RBI’s move:

Prime Minister lauded the move the RBI to issue a moratorium on EMIs saying it would go a long way in safeguarding our economy.

MyNation urges people to stay indoors and not to venture out of houses. By staying indoors, there will b a break on the transmission of the virus. 

The lockdown will end on April 14.