Bengaluru: In the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said he sees a brighter future for India even as the country fights coronavirus pandemic.

He said, "The world is fighting Coronavirus, India is fighting that too. But there are other issues also. Flood, locusts, hailstorm, fire in the oil well, small earthquakes, two cyclones - we are fighting all of these together. But we have also experienced that tackling it also brings hope for a brighter future.”

The challenges are mighty. These catastrophes have ripped apart lives, killed many. Not just that, unable to bear the financial consequences of these calamities, some have been brought to the footpaths. But again, we must help ourselves and our brethren in this time and stay strong. in fact, the Prime Minister said exactly this.

He said, "Those who work forward amid the challenges, they get more opportunities. To unite and face these difficulties - to resolve and face them, are a big strength of our nation. The tonic for challenges is strength."

The Prime Minister also urged his fellowmen for atmanirbhar bharat as he said, “The simplest method to be worked upon at present is to induce Indians to use their own products and get markets for Indian art ware in other countries.”

The Prime Minister, in his exhortation to make people more self-dependant, stressed on the five ‘Is’ which are important for India’s development.

They are Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation.

Covid-19 has had a terrible impact on us. The economy has hit a roadblock, while people like small vendor, migrants, construction labourers have taken a massive beating.

It is our bounden duty to help them out and do whatever is possible by us.

Let these calamities which have hit us be an opportunity to unite us be more helpful to others.