Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the issue of Coronavirus. 

As the nation sat glued to their TV sets, mobile phones and laptops to listen what the PM would say, the PM requested the nation to follow what’s called “Janata curfew”. 

He said, “This Sunday, March 22, from morning 7 am to 9 pm, all citizens must follow Janata curfew. During this period, no one should get out of their home. Only those who are involved in providing essential services can get out.” 

He also added that organisations like NCC, NSS to take it to more people. 

He said, “Organisations such as NCC, NSS and sporting and religious bodies are requested to take this Janata curfew message to more and more people.” 

The PM also urged the citizens to show their gratitude for those workers who are working round the clock during the outbreak, putting their lives at risk. 

He said, “On March 22, at 5 pm on our doors, balconies or wherever, for 5 minutes, express our gratitude for these workers. How? By clapping, by ringing a bell. I request local admin to blow a siren to inform everyone about this.” 

The PM also urged employers not to cut salaries of those workers who can’t work during this time. 

He said, “Please show compassion and don’t cut their salaries. I request all traders - small or large - to also look after the welfare of those whose services you utilise.”  

The PM also asked people not to pay heed to rumours. He said, “Please stay away from rumours. I am certain that every Indian will continue to follow his/her responsibilities in the coming few days.”

On the issue of social distancing, he said, “Social distancing is critical and useful. Our patience and determination can help us reduce the impact of this pandemic.”