Bengaluru: The Karnataka government has banned performing of five-time Namaz in mosques across the state during the holy month of Ramzan, owing to coronavirus pandemic. 

The notification in this regard reads:

No public shall be allowed to perform five-time congregational prayers in mosques, across Karnataka, during #Ramzan, in view of #COVID19 pandemic. No public address system to be used by the staff of mosques for offering namaz: State Minority Welfare, Waqf & Hajj Department


The government has also banned Dawat-e-Sahri or Iftar arrangements across the state and the usage of loudspeakers during namaz. The government bases its order on the Central government which say all religions congregations during this period are disallowed. 

During the Islamic holy month of fasting, no eateries will be allowed to set shop near mosques, stipulated the order. The violation of above orders will attract penalties and punishment as prescribed under Waqf Act, 1995. Ramadan in 2020 will be observed during April 23-May 23.

A note on taking precautions: 

Crowding up of people for any reason is certainly not a good idea as it compromises on the aspect of social distancing and facilitates easy infection. 

It is to be noted that a minimum distance of 6 feet is to be maintained so as to avoid contracting the virus. 

That is precisely the reason why the government repeatedly urges people to stay indoors as far as possible and not to venture out. 

The Tablighi Jamaat event in Nizamuddin in which more than 3000 people participated is considered to a single source. Presently a case under culpable homicide has been booked against Maulana Saad, the organiser. 

Members of the event went across the nation, thereby spreading the virus and increasing the number of infections. 

The government has urged these members to voluntarily get themselves tested to rule  out infection.