Bengaluru: BJP MP and former cricketer Gautam Gambhir has lambasted Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for writing to the centre for more masks and PPEs. 

It is reported that two weeks ago, Gambhir had promised to donate Rs 50 lakh for the same and the BJP MP has alleged that Kejriwal has not returned to him on the issue. 
Gambhir, in this tweet, said, "If millions of PPE promotions were put on TV from morning to evening, then the public would benefit. 2 weeks ago I had pledged 50 lakh for PPE Kits and Masks, till date no feedback. Now asking from the centre @ArvindKejriwal The two weapons, crocodile tears and victim card.


It might be recalled that while addressing a press conference on Saturday, Kejriwal had accused the Centre of not providing them with even a single PPE kit despite having written to them asking for the same. He had said, "We are facing a shortage of PPE kits. We have written to the Centre to supply the kits, essential for our doctors and nurses. But we haven't received even one PPE kit from theUnion government so far. There are 445 positive cases for COVID-19 in the national capital so far.

Kejriwal has asked more PPEs from the Centre 

This evening, as PM Modi has urged, people will switch off their lights and hold candles or torches for 9 minutes at 9 pm. 

Managing grid during light-a-diya campaign:

To manage the dramatic changes in electricity and its impact on the grid, the government has drawn an elaborate plan to manage it. Following are the broad plan of action.

Electrical appliances such as AC, fans, TVs, refrigerators are not supposed to be switched off and only household lights are to be switched off from 9 pm to 9.09 pm on Sunday.

Also, lights in all essential services, including hospitals, police stations and manufacturing facilities as well as street lights are not to be switched off.