Bengaluru: The lockdown owing to coronavirus spread has been a difficult phase for India. People are forced to stay indoors, movement has taken a severe hit and economy has taken the maximum hit. 
But lockdown seems to be the only option to mitigate the spread of the virus. In fact, several states have asked the Centre to go ahead with the continuation of the lockdown post April 14 as well. 
Now, Congress’s Abhishek Singhvi is also of the same view. He said, "Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are thinking on correct lines by attempting to extend the lockdown. We can't take any chances. Not at this stage, otherwise, this would be a disaster."

The Prime Minister also chaired a meeting with opposition leaders earlier today. 

Meanwhile, as the government examines the options available at its disposal, Union home minister Amit Shah and defence minister Rajnath Singh held a meeting with empowered group of ministers a few days ago. In the meeting, it is said the two senior leaders examined to primary options.

They are:

1. States continuing with the lockdown

2. States not continuing with the lockdown

Well, those states which will continue to have the lockdown will have to ensure that there is no dearth of stocks of essential things like food and medicine. The states will also have to ensure that there is no movement of people on the roads unnecessarily. The states will also see that there is no mass transportation like trains, buses and flights.

The states will also ensure there is transportation of perishable goods. Additionally, the states will set up mass canteens so that the poor can come and eat.

For those not continuing with the lockdown, the government will ask them to do it in stages. In the first week, only stand-alone shops with semi-essential items like food will be open.

In the second week, food shops and restaurants with home delivery will be open.

In the third week, community markets with semi-essential items will be open.

In the fourth week, taking into consideration how it pans out, malls will be opened. Clubs and other such things will not be opened.

In case, this plan doesn’t work out, there will be a reconsideration of the imposition of the lockdown.