Bengaluru: As we write this piece, our blood only boils.

The reason is simple. The grand old party of India, which boasts of a rich legacy, has stooped so low that it has only exposed itself and can’t extricate itself from that point.

Well, there are a few instances which corroborate our claim.

First, there were news reports that Congress workers refused to gift ration to a woman who openly showed her support and solidarity for PM Modi when asked to choose between the PM and Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. The workers were so indignant that they prevailed upon her to change her stance.

Two, Rahul Gandhi, the other day gave a presser. He went on pooh-poohing that the Indian government, under PM Modi, had not done well to contain the spread of coronavirus. He also gabbled that lockdown was no solution and further added in his incoherent speech that strategizing was the only way out.

Well, even a tyro would understand and countenance when we say that Prime Minister Modi has done well in locking down a country of 130 crore people. His exhortations to ring bells and light lamps were honoured meticulously, making the movement, a pro-people one.

In fact, it is very germane to point out that people have themselves understood the importance of lockdown. When Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa loosened relaxations April 20 henceforth, people became angry with him and openly expressed their desire to continue with the lockdown. That is the respect they give to PM Modi.

Thirdly, even to this day, the Congress has not issued any convincing statement against the Tablighi Jamaat.

The Union health ministry issued a statement that 30 percent of the total cases in the country had their roots in the Tablighi. 
Yet the Congress fears that speaking against Tablighi will have a dent on its electoral prospects.

But isn’t it common sense that everything can’t be viewed with electoral prism alone?

If it had come out in the open and spoken against the Tablighi, it would have sent strong signals.

By the way, it is wrong and condemnable to paint an entire community for what the Tablighis have done. They must be looked at as violators but not as people belonging to a particular community.

If the Congress doesn’t pull up its socks and supports the centre at least now, it is as good as over!