Bengaluru: A city-based startup, Safwey Advanced Disinfectant Systems, on Thursday launched Box360, a chemical-free ultraviolet solution to contain coronavirus spread by disinfecting the surface.

Box360 is a metallic box containing an ultraviolet lamp inside.

With the help of ultraviolet rays which are invisible to naked eyes, it disinfects articles such as food and milk packets, jewellery boxes, mobile phones, laptops and vehicle keys and gives in the "the purest" form back to use, a press release from the firm said.

Dr Praneeth, Medical and R&D director of Safwey, said "Box360 disinfects mobiles, valets, car keys and everything.

“We have tested this at PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) for 30 seconds, one minute and so on for up to 12 minutes. The best result showed at 2 minutes.

Still, we have kept the beep time at 3 minutes as a precaution. UV sterilisation has been in use for a long time. We clean even water with this. In addition to the UV BOX360, the company has also launched SHIELD360, UV room Disinfection systems which can be extremely useful at both domestic and business segments, especially in hospitals, restaurants, movie theatres, public transport among other establishments.”

Box360 comes in three variants for different uses with prices of Rs 14,000 to less than Rs 1 lakh, according to the release.