Bengaluru: Last week, the Union home ministry informed the nation that the Tablighis have contributed a whopping 30% to the total number of Covid-19 positive cases in India.

In the last few hours, TV screens are beaming visuals of how people in Padarayanapura, Bengaluru have attacked health officials, demolished pandals and have behaved in the most brutish manner.

Well, from Nizamuddin in New Delhi to Padarayanapura in Bengaluru a few have redefined barbarity, thereby giving enough ammunition to others to paint an entire community as inimical.

The Tablighis have thrown all norms of decent behavior to the winds. Some have spat, some others have defecated and thrown urine-filled bottles and some more have walked semi-naked in front of female staff.

And on top of it, Saad, the organiser continues to evade the police and issue strictures from the place of his hiding.

There are reports that he is even writing letters to the police and instructing them on various issues.

But the bigger picture is how a few of them have behaved in a way so as to bring ill-repute to others as well.

No human being should err generalising these acts to an entire community. But the deafening silence of the educated class is providing a safe platform to these elements as they continue to attack police, doctors and other health staff horrifically.

Moreover, a party like the Congress, which boasts of a hundred plus years as its history, decides to play politics and doesn’t condemn them.

Religious fundamentalism is a curse to any society. It is anathema to scientific development and sustained peaceful living in the society.

Any human being must reconcile his religion with practical approach. Irrespective of one’s devout nature, one can’t sidestep real and dangerous issues like a pandemic. And no religion prophesies a future that sifts religion from pragmatism.

Anti-social elements must be punished.