Bengaluru: A jail is a place where criminals are kept as they serve their sentence. But a jail can also be a place of reform, especially through art and paintings. 

The Udaipur Central Jail, in Rajasthan, is a phenomenal example. 

Sadhu Ram is a convict who is serving a 12-year sentence in a drug case. 

As he serves his sentence, it is nothing short of glorious to know that he has inspired and influenced several others to take the paint brush and convert the walls of the prison into canvasses. 

Inspired by him, now 15 other inmates have taken to painting. 

Sadhu ram, inmate, prison, says, “We have received all the help from the authorities. The authorities have encouraged us to take up painting. My intention is that all inmates take up painting brush once they are released.” 

Another inmate says, “When I came to the jail, I joined Sadhu Ram and learnt how to paint.” 

It all started when the jail authorities learnt that it was Sadhu Ram’s hobby to paint. They gave him a chance and he didn’t let them down. 

Mansingh, jailer, central jail says, “We gave him some small work and learnt that he is a very good painter. Sadhu Ram has become very good and has made his own team. He has also taught new people. Around 10 people have joined him and have learnt painting. They are doing well.” 

The walls see paintings of Meera bhajans, folklore and mythology. The walls also have stories of prisoners who repent their past.  

The jail authorities did not know the talent that Sadhu Ram possesses. It was only 2 years into his stay that the police came to know of his painting prowess. 

Now they have used him to reform prisoners. Art can heal wounds and make these prisoners forget their past.