Bengaluru: Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s Peace TV has been fined by UK’s media watchdog Ofcom a sum of 3 lakh pound for spreading hate on TV and also inciting murder on its broadcast. 

In Indian currency, the fine translates to Rs 2.75 crore. 

While Peace TV, owned by Lord Productions Limited is fined 1 lakh Pound, Club TV, which holds the licence of Peace TV Urdu, was fined 2 lakh Pound. Both Lord Productions Limited and Club TV have the company Universal Broadcasting Corporation Limited as their parent company which is owned by Zakir Naik, reports India Today. 

The media watchdog released a press statement thus: "Ofcom has today fined the former licence holders of Peace TV Urdu £200,000 and Peace TV £100,000 for breaking our broadcasting rules.” 

So what was the programme that is touted to be hate inciting? 

It is a religious programme 'Kitaab-ut-Tawheed', telecast in July 2019, that discussed 'the Islamic punishment for magicians and those who practice magic'. The media watchdog added that it is of the opinion that the programme instigated murder, "In this case, the potential for very serious harm if this material incited others were clear".

Another statement by the media watchdog said: "We concluded that the content represented serious failures of compliance with our broadcasting rules, which warranted fines. The former licence holders, Club TV and Lord Production must now pay £200,000 and £100,000 respectively to HM Paymaster General.” 

Incidentally, a Muslim cleric RV Syeedy was murdered allegedly for his involvement in such practices allegedly.

Presently in Malaysia, Zakir Naik is also wanted by India for his hate speeches. India has sent a formal request to Malaysia for his extradition. 

In the UK, Naik has been banned entry since 2010 for his hateful speeches.