Bengaluru: Controversial historian Ramachandra Guha, best known for his predilection for the Gandhi family and aversion for BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stooped to another low by quoting a British writer about Gujarat and Bengal way back in the 1930s.

The British writer had then written, "Gujarat, though economically advanced, is culturally a backward province... Bengal, in contrast, is economically backward but culturally advanced,” as vouched by Guha. 


To this, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani hit back saying, “Indians won’t fall for such tricks. Gujarat is great, Bengal is great...India is united. Our cultural foundations are strong, our economic aspirations are high.” 


After Rupani, it was the turn of Paresh Rawal who took at dig at Guha for his controversial tweet.

He said, "Distorting History books Gutless Guha opens up a new avenue of Gujarati/Bengali!"


Guha, who is left-leaning, always tries to insinuate those people who have different ideological moorings. He has been often called for spreading such hate and fake news stories. 

In one his earlier tweets, he had commented on the migrant issue comparing it with South Africa. 

He had said, “The Prime Minister of India, and he alone, bears responsibility for the enormous suffering of our migrant workers. South Africa’s President, who thinks before he acts, gave several days notice to allow migrants to return home before a lockdown took effect.” 

He was again exposed for his lies as another user Prasanna Vishwanathan gave it back with equal gusto. 

He said, “Shameless sinister propagandist peddling South Africa as an example to shame India. Reality - Here are visuals. Mikes and miles of hungry stranded starving people outside Pretoria in South Africa lining up for food aid. SA Population mere 6 crores.”