Bengaluru: Opposition parties, chiefly the Congress, is doing everything to scuttle the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, now an act. 

These parties allege that the law is discriminatory and leaves out Muslims from the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh while honouring the sentiments of Hindus and other non-Muslims. 

As the fearmongering increases, Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid explains that the citizenship law does not affect Muslims living in India, but Muslim refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

He said, “There is a difference between Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) & National Register of Citizens (NRC). One is CAA that has become a law, and the other is NRC that has only been announced, it has not become a law. Under CAA, the Muslim refugees who come to India from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will not get Indian citizenship. It has nothing to do with the Muslims living in India.” 

This explanation by the Shahi Imam should come as a slap o the faces of the anti-India, anti-Hindu brigade who are going overboard, just to ensure that they source out maximum opposition to PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah. 

Though the bill has been passed in both houses of the Indian Parliament with a thumping majority, the opposition is hell-bent on creating a negative atmosphere and fearmongering with the sole aim of creating unrest in the society. 

If the CAB and NRC are implemented, India will have a formal compendium of the name of bonafide Indian citizens. And those who are illegal immigrants and infiltrators will be disenfranchised, thereby cleaning up the electoral process. 

As regards the CAB alone, the law will enable Hindu and other non-Muslims who have been camping in India from a date prior to December 31, 2014.

The CAB is like a one-time offer for the religiously persecuted Hindus and non-Muslims.