Bengaluru: For a long, long time, Congress and its coterie have ridiculed the RSS and its affiliates over the issue of gaumutra or cow urine. 

While they continue to mock and poke fun at such developments, none other than Oscar Fernandes has thrown his weight behind this theory that cow urine can be used to treat cancer. 

He said, “I was suffering from serious cancer. There was no treatment which could cure me. Ultimately, I came to this ashram (in Meerut). And in this ashram, I got a relief from gaumutra and the cancer was cured. I have decided to serve this ashram. Lifetime, I will serve in this ashram. I will not take up any job. This ashram has given a new lease of life.”

The tall leader also spoke about his weak knees and how he resorted to performing vajrasana and strengthened his muscles.

“I started Vajrasana, practising yoga, and today I am able to do wrestling without any difficulty,” he said. 

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While these were his reactions on gaumutra and yoga, he also urged the minister to include yoga as well. 

“I would urge the minister either to amend the bill or bring an assurance that it will bring a separate legislation to cover yoga and naturopathy,” he said.

Sreenath Sheshadri, a BJP spokesperson said, “It’s a great thing he says it has cured. A paper needs to be published on such matters by doctors who attended to him. It’s a fantastic thing to happen.

It will be of big use for others as well.”

It is claimed that gaumutra has uses in therapeutic purposes in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. It’s further claimed that the urine of a pregnant cow as it contains special hormones and minerals. 

It is also claimed in Ayurveda, that Gomutra is helpful in the treatment of leprosy, fever, peptic ulcer, liver ailments, anaemia and cancer.