Bengaluru: Congress leader Hardik Patel’s insanity knows no bounds! 

In his unchecked rush to defame and demolish PM Narendra Modi’s reputation specifically and the Centre in general, he has only exposed himself! 

In one of his tweets aimed at tarnishing Vande Bharat Mission, the Congress leader took to Twitter and blabbered thus: "Those who did not like India are being brought home by planes and those who were busy in building India are walking home on foot. Labor."


The Vande Bharat Mission is an endeavour taken up by the Narendra Modi government to fly back stranded Indians. 

In its first phase, as many as 13,000 Indians were flown back. In its successive edition, as many as 32,000 Indians will be flown back to the country. 

This endeavour has received phenomenal response and has been extolled by one and all. NRIs too have expressed their gratitude for taking up such a mission. 

But the Congress leader’s rant puts himself in a poor light. God knows as to how he came to the conclusion that NRIs don’t like India and trying to correlate it with the local migrant issue. 

As his rant continues, we must also look at how the Indian railways has rendered yeoman’s service in ferrying migrants back to their home states. In little over a fortnight, the department has run more than a thousand Shramik trains and helped almost 15 lakh migrants reach their destination. 

So the Congress leader’s calumny and allegation that the Centre has done little to assuage the feelings of the migrants in helping them return is nothing but a charade. 

In fact, if anything, it is the Congress that needs to do an introspection as it has not cooperated to the full by asking more trains from the department to help its migrant population return home.