Bengaluru: Indian Army rushed to the rescue of residents and helped them safely evacuate the affected region, moments after a volcanic eruption triggered panic in a town in Congo. 

This, after Mount Nyiragongo in Goma Town in eastern Congo erupted, sending panicked residents fleeing out of town.

Times Now adds that as soon as the panic spread in the town, an Indian Army contingent as part of the United Nations Mission in Congo facilitated the smooth evacuation and protection of civilians and other UN personnel in volcano-affected Goma.

The website adds that the lava pouring out of the volcano has halted after reaching the suburbs of the town. However, around a dozen earth tremors were felt in Goma in the early morning today.

Officials said the lava had reached Goma city airport - located on the outskirts of the metropolis on the shores of Lake Kivu - although residents said it had stopped at the edge of the facility.

"People are beginning to return to their homes. The situation seems to have calmed down for the moment. But people are still scared. The authorities still haven't made any official announcement so far this morning," one resident was quoted as saying. 

The last time Nyiragongo erupted was January 17, 2002, killing more than a hundred people and covering almost all of the eastern part of Goma with lava, including half of the airport's landing strip.