Bengaluru: Close on the heels of two monks and their driver being butchered in Palghar, two more sadhus were murdered in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr. 

The two sadhus have been killed by the accused Murari was chastising him for stealing chimta or tong as he rushed to the temple in which the two sadhus stayed and killed them using a sword. 

Any murder is condemnable. But for the Congress, it is only those murders which happen in BJP-ruled states that are condemnable. 

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who along with her mother, brother and other Congress members, has remained conspicuously silent over the Palghar killings, has expressed her condolences over these deaths. 

She said, “In the first 15 days of April more than 100 people were murdered in Uttar Pradesh. Three days back, five members of Pachouri family were found dead under mysterious circumstances in Etah district of UP, nobody knows what happened with them. Today, two priests were brutally killed in UP’s Bulandshahr. Such heinous crimes should be thoroughly investigated and nobody should politicise the matter.” 

Another known pseudosecular Akhilesh Yadav, a former CM of Uttar Pradesh had to say this: “The murder of two sadhus in Bulandshahar is sad and highly condemnable. Instead of politicising the issue, a thorough investigation must be done to ascertain the criminal mentality and violent behaviour. Legal and timely action should be taken based on this investigation.”

Meanwhile, we have also learnt that Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray also dialled Yogi Adityanath and asked him to punish the guilty. 

He said, "We shouldn't politicise during times of such gruesome crimes. We must punish the guilty.” 

Is it not laughable that the pseudo gang, which remains silent when sadhus are killed in a Congress-ruled state, rushes to condemn the killings of sadhus in a BJP-ruled state? 

Congress doesn’t condemn sadhu killings in Maharashtra, but condemns sadhu killings in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh