Bengaluru: Tahir Hussain, the suspended AAP councillor has confessed to his role in the Delhi riots that took place earlier this year, to the Delhi police.
As per an agency report, he has accepted that he incited people to unleash violence and create unrest.

It is also reported that he met former JNU student Umar Khalid at Popular Front of India’s office on January 8. 


The report further states that Hussain's task was to collect as much glass bottle, petrol, acid, stones, as possible on the roof of my (sic) house. 

"Khalid Saifi, along with his friend Ishrat Jahan, first started a dharna demonstration in Khureji on the lines of Shaheen Bagh. On February 4, in Abu Fazal Enclave, I met Khalid Saifi for planning the riots," Hussain was reported as telling the police. 

"On February 4, in Abu Fazal Enclave, I met Khalid Saifi for planning the riots. It was decided to provoke people sitting on the anti-CAA strike. Khalif Saifi said that something big has to be done at the time of Donald Trump's visit so that the government kneel," he reportedly further said.

Furthermore, Delhi Police interrogation reveals that Hussain has admitted that he collected a lot of acid, petrol, diesel and stones on his roof. He had also taken his pistol from the police station for use in the violence.

"On February 24, according to our plan, I have called several people and told me how to throw stones, petrol bombs, and acid bottles from my roof. I had shifted my family to another place. On 24 February 2020, at about 1:30 pm we started throwing stones," Hussain reportedly told police.

It is pertinent to recall that Hussain has also been charged with the killing of IB officer Ankit Sharma whose body was found in a drain.