Bengaluru: For a day or two, we have seen visuals of how the Tablighi attendees who returned from Delhi spat sitting inside buses and at doctors or health officials who came to diagnose them. 

Not just that, in Bengaluru, a few such attendees even asked doctors and health officials to talk to their dharma gurus and only then, would they concede to the instructions of the health workers. 

We have also seen visuals of how one of the attendees asked the health worker to ask PM Narendra Modi to get a check-up done as he had toured more than a hundred countries. 

And in Indore, we have seen visuals of how a mob went berserk as health officers wanted to check them. 

For years, nay, centuries together, India has always respected doctors. There is a wonderful Sanskrit saying ‘Vaidyo Narayano Harihi’ which means doctors are as great as Narayana or God himself. 

And what have these Tablighi attendees done by spitting and misbehaving with them? 

Surely, their act of spitting, showing misdemeanour, not cooperating inter alia is an act that can be expanded to a broader sense. 

India has always been a land that honours good-doers. And when it comes to health sector, doctors play a pivotal role as they are the ones who treat the diseased and bring them back to life. 

It is needless to say that we can’t imagine a society sans doctors. 

And at a time like the corona pandemic, when thousands of doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others are in the vanguard of diagnosing and treating patients, the least we can do is to respect them and follow their instructions diligently. 

As we all know, the virus spreads very fast. That being the case, the doctors themselves run a high risk of contracting it, yet they are taking the bulls by the horns. 

In simple terms, the Tablighi attendees have spat at Indian culture of hospitality by spitting at our doctors. 

Hope they are booked and brought to justice.