Bengaluru: India has always been an example of how people belonging to different religions, having multiple faiths can live in harmony. 

Though the Indian society is a heterogenous mixture, the common thread of humanity has always prevailed, putting narrowmindedness and parochialism to the back burner. 

In another example of selfless service, Muslims in Baramulla, Kashmir, jumped to the perform the last rites of a Hindu woman Rani Kaul, whose relatives did not make it in time for her funeral. 
As part of the procedure, they collected wood and carried the body to the crematorium. They even performed the last rites of hers. It is to be noted that Rani’s was the only Pandit family living in a Muslim-dominated colony numbering 600. 

“We did not have to be concerned about anything about the last rites of Rani ji as the local Muslims arranged and provided for everything. I am very thankful to them,” a relative of hers said, as quoted by India Times. 

This is not the first time that such harmony has been exhibited by the people of different faiths. As reported by the website, Muslims performed the last rites of Bhaskar Nath, who faced a kidney failure in Shopian. 

The common thread that keeps all humans bound is the thread of love, compassion and selflessness. 

One may have different views, ideologies and beliefs, but at death, everyone is equal.