Bengaluru: Ever since the NCP, Congress and Shiva Sena joined hands to form a government in Maharashtra after the Shive Sena backstabbed prepoll alliance partner BJP, their government has been on a shaky wicket. 

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Just a few weeks ago, former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi openly washed his hands of the coalition government, saying Congress is just a partner and it is the Shiva Sena that calls the shots. 

Now close on the heels of his statement, Congress leader Ashok Chavan said, “There are some issues… We are trying to meet the CM to discuss all our issues with him in detail. We expect a meeting with him in the next two days.” 

Reacting to this, BJP senior leader Kirit Somaiyya said, "Since the beginning, you can see that whatever good things have happened, the Congress wants to take credit. But if anything goes wrong, they would like to say that it is only Sharad Pawar and Thackeray Parivar who are running this government. Since the beginning, Ashok Chavan had made an announcement that we are forming this government only and only for Muslims. So, it is from day one that Prithviraj Chavan after a couple of weeks started saying that this government does not belong to us, then Rahul Gandhi, now Balasaheb Thorat, Ashok Chavan. All this is nothing but strategy."

He further added, "I am not sure if Congress wants to withdraw and support from outside because the Congress has been able to understand the pulse of the people. People are very much afraid and unhappy about how the Thackeray government is handling the Coronavirus crisis. I think Congress wants to protect themselves," as reported by Republic TV. 

The coalition government has also miserably failed to handle the coronavirus pandemic. 

It is also interesting to note that Karnataka coalition government (Congress and JDS) headed by HD Kumaraswamy did not last long after an implosion. Ultimately he had to resign.