In a shocking incident, a Muslim cleric who appealed to his community to not indulge in violence while protesting the newly amended citizenship law now fears for his life.

The person in question is Khazi Thwaqa Ahmed, the Khazi of the Dakshin Kannada district. His community members are angry because he made an appeal for peace and tried to urge Muslims not to indulge in violence over the citizenship law, stating that it does not affect them in any way.

Suvarna News in an exclusive scoop exposed the entire modus operandi of the plan to kill him. The report says that the Khazi had made a speech in Mangaluru on January 2. He had appealed for peace. Following this, a private news channel ran a campaign against him portraying him as anti-Muslim and branding him as a Hindu supporter.

Following this, his son, K Hassan lodged a complaint stating that there was a threat to his father’s life and also stated that there was a sustained campaign to defame him. The complaint also said that his father had said nothing wrong.

Despite the complaint, the news channel continued to run the campaign. On February 13, a complaint was lodged by the Kazi stating that there was a plot to murder him. The complaint was registered by Mangaluru East Police. He also said that his only fault was that he appealed for peace and also said that those living illegally in India must return to their respective country.

The complaint in itself is a shocking one and suggests the attempts have been made to eliminate the Khazi. On February 8, he nearly paid with his life. A metal rod that pierced the tyre of the vehicle in which the Khazi was travelling, left him stranded on the road. He states that this was a deliberate attempt to kill him and make it look like an accident.

The Khazi’s son’s friend, Abdul Razaque told Suvarna News that he has been receiving death threats.

The Khazi is the brother in law of a former Khazi, CM Abdullah, who was murdered 10 years ago.

Khazi Ahmed is a witness in the murder case that is being probed by the CBI. Razak also says that he too gets calls from the PFI. “They tell me that he should be removed as the Khazi”, he states

The Khazi in the exclusive video released by Suvarna speaks about his ordeal. He said that he was travelling from Kasaragod to Mangaluru after attending a daily programme. Around 10 pm, he found that his tyre was punctured. The driver got down and changed the tyre. Just then a person in a bike arrived and asked if they needed any help. They refused stating that the work had been done.

“The following day, we took the punctured tyre to the repair shop. Out there, we were shown the iron rod which had pierced the tyre”, the Kazi also said, adding, “Immediately, I realised that this was an attempt to take my life and I filed a police complaint”.

“All I had done was give a speech in which I called for peace and harmony. However, I was branded an RSS man and many people said that I should be killed. All I meant was people should not take law into their hands. I also urged them not to worry about the citizenship law as it does not affect the Muslims in India,” he stated.

Today, the Khazi lives under police protection. It has been advised that the police protection should remain as he is clearly under the radar of people who are out to get him.