Mangaluru: A 23-year-old boy created internet sensation after posting a picture of his digital work. His artwork has become the talk of the town.

Jeevan Acharya, a Mangaluru-based artist, worked on a portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and compared him to a lion and named it "Chowkidar Sher Hai." The artist's digital vector artwork went viral on social media and grabbed people's attention.

Jeevan's artwork depicts a lion in kingly stature and PM Modi in equal measure to show that Narendra Modi is no less than a king.

Speaking to MyNation, Jeevan said, "I had been working on this portrait for two days, and Modi's character is that of a king. All of Narendra Modi's works are inspiring."

Adding that a lot of research went behind this portrait, Jeevan said, "I even researched about what time Prime Minister Modi wakes up, and often I try to wake up early, just like him."

He also went on to say that the youth of today are not the kind who would blindly believe someone. Jeevan added that he was happy that his artwork has been well received and that it is open to interpretation.

"As the picture went viral on the internet, just like Angry Hanuman's portrait, I have been receiving messages of appreciation from people who love my work," he added.

Jeevan has completed his undergraduate (BA Visual Arts) and now works as a graphic designer in the Tulu film industry. He also revealed that if the portrait is sold to anyone, he will donate the money to charity.

Even though he is a guest lecturer in animation at St Aloysius College, Jeevan still sees his high school teacher John Chandran as his master.

When asked if he plans of drawing portraits of more politicians, a coy Jeevan said, "I do have plans but I don't want to disclose as yet."