Bengaluru: Thousands of dogs bludgeoned and many more will be killed for its meat in the annual 10-day Yulin festival in China that began on Sunday. Animal rights activists hope this will be the last time such a festival will be held as many believe the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan began from eating the meat of animals.

Every June, comes a dreaded time for dogs and dog lovers in China as the country's annual tradition of bludgeoning, burning and killing dogs for its annual dog meat festival called Yulin takes place.


Despite the pandemic and the human deaths due to COVID-19, and people believing it was caused from animal to human transmission, this festival goes on as usual.

Activists in China say they were able to rescue 10 puppies that were supposed to be sold.


In the controversial festival, which seems to have started only in 2009, and has been dubbed “cruel” by the rest of the world, people primarily eat dishes made out of dog meat and lychees.

According to reports, every year, about 10,000 dogs are killed.

When an activist questioned a shop owner during last year's festival, and asked why she cannot opt for meats usually used in other countries, such as beef, the owner said, killing bulls or oxen is unthinkable as it helps them in ploughing land and agricultural activities.

According to sources, the festival sees the animal being subjected to a blow torch, being hammered on the head before its meat is extracted.

Activists hope Chinese authorities are contemplating a ban on the festival from the next year and consider reducing the slaughtering of dogs drastically, given the several campaigns against it. Post the pandemic, they hope that this year's festival will be the last.