Bengaluru: A Class 5 Kerala student's letter -- brimming with pride and happiness -- to Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana, has evoked a similarly heart-warming response from him. The little girl thanked him for the court's or-ders recently passed in connection with oxy-gen supply.

Lidwina Joseph, a student of Kendriya Vidya-laya in Thrissur, sent a hand-written letter to CJI NV Ramana, saying that she was "happy and proud" of the Supreme Court’s orders re-garding oxygen supply in the country, espe-cially in Delhi.

A colour drawing depicting the discharge of duties by the court where the Judge is seen smashing the coronavirus with gavel. Tricol-our, Lion Capital and a portrait of the father of the nation Gandhiji completed the drawing.

She said she had read newspaper reports and “was much worried about the deaths at Delhi and other parts of country due to Corona. 

From the newspaper I understood that your honourable court have intervened effectively at the sufferings and death of ordinary people in fight against Covid-19. I am happy and feel proud your honourable court have moved or-ders for supply of oxygen and saved many lives. I understood your honourable court have initiated effective steps in bringing down Covid-19 and death rate in our country espe-cially in Delhi. I thank you your Honour for this. Now I feel very proud and happy”.

In a series of orders passed in May, including those on pleas filed by various state govern-ments, the Supreme Court had sought a re-vamp of the allocation of oxygen across India and an audit of the delivery system. These orders had come amid a major shortage across the country following a huge spike in infections brought about by the deadly sec-ond Covid wave.

And, Chief Justice Ramana wrote back to Lid-wina Joseph, giving her his best wishes as well as acknowledging her “beautiful letter along with a heart-warming illustration of the Judge at work.” CJI Ramana was referring to her drawing showing a judge smashing the coro-navirus with his gavel and also the tricolour, lion capital and smiling portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

A few days ago, the CJI had responded to a Class 12 student from Andhra Pradesh, Potluri Darshet, who sent a letter written in flawless Telugu. The CJI appreciated his effort and said it was rare these days to come across young-sters writing letters in their mother tongue.