Bengaluru: In the scorching heat on the streets of Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, a pregnant lady DSP was seen in action, urging people to follow covid guidelines. 


Let’s all remember that the place is notorious for its Maoism-related activities.  

In the video, the lady officer can be seen regulating traffic and ensuring people follow covid protocols. 

India registered 2,59,170 new Covid-19 cases, and 1,761 deaths, according to the health ministry.

Covid guidelines: 

To curb the spread of the virus, it is important that people practice certain guidelines. By doing so, they will be protecting themselves and at the same time, protecting others as well. 

1.    People should learn to practice social distancing. This essentially means that people don’t crowd up and group. A distance of 2 metres is considered to be good enough. 
2.    Wearing of masks: Wearing masks is a crucial exercise as it doesn’t allow aerosols to enter the nose, thereby the lungs. 
3.    Washing hands regularly: Washing hands regularly helps kill the germs. 

India is also ramping up oxygen production and supplying, with Indian Railways running Oxygen Express to supply cylinders to all places in the country.