Raipur: In a meticulously discussed plan to deal and combat red movement, Chhattisgarh Police in insurgency-hit Dantewada district are now using Gondi' – the local dialect popularly spoken in Bastar region as their new weapon. Teaching sessions have started for all police personnel.

The initiative has been seen as a move which will strengthen communication (particularly two-way communication) between the masses and police personnel here, said a senior police officer, elaborating that the initiative will be bringing some significant result in the fight against ultras. The move the official said will also help persuade them to join mainstream society.

"As many as 50 non-Gondi speaking police personnel have been subjected to the first batch of language learning class started at Police lines Dantewada on Monday," said the officer.

The officer further added that personnel with proficiency in Gondi have been selected as tutors. The three-month long language learning course will help police personnel understand and speak Gondi. It has been experienced numerous time that poor knowledge of Gondi language emerged as a big impediment in anti-naxal exercises.

The knowledge of the local dialect will be helping police personnel in the region establish proper communication with the local population and also result in understanding their feelings as well as emotions towards security forces so that requisite improvement could be made from time to time.

The move, first of it's kind in the Bastar region, is expected to emerge as a landmark initiative of police in their fight against naxalism.

"We hope that Dantewada police through this innovative idea and commitment will be able to bring peace and tranquillity in the district. If every thing goes well then the idea will be implemented in other districts as well," said a senior officer.