Bengaluru: When an adversity presents itself, it is natural that one gets bogged down by it. But there are a few souls who use this adversity as an opportunity to come up with new inventions to help the society at large.
Meet 67-year-old Kailash Tiwari. He hails from Chhattisgarh. To sustain his family, he used to run auto rickshaw. But life was difficult for him as he could not meet the rising demands of fuel costs. So he decided to purchase an E-rickshaw. With this purchase, he was elated as the battery-driven rickshaw put an end to endless burden of shelling out more. 


However, much to his consternation, his happiness was short-lived as the battery used to discharge early. Such was his turmoil and embarrassment that the auto used to stop midway while passengers were being dropped to their destination. 

So what came as a boon slowly but surely turned into a bane and nemesis. 
Perturbed at what was happening, Tiwari yearned to do something to help himself extricate out of the mess. That is when he contacted the Energy Department in the state and also educated himself about the importance and benefits of solar energy. Then, he also worked hard to translate whatever he had read into action, in order to solve the quick battery discharge of his auto rickshaw. 

Now, as he did his R&D, he installed solar plates on the roof of his auto rickshaw. It was indeed a phenomenal stuff from Tiwari as the battery doesn’t run out of charge as it gets perennially charged from the solar plates. 

However, we should also add that the installation of the solar plates did burn his pocket. He had to shell out Rs 40,000 for the same, but the investment is worth it as he is reaping rich dividends by harnessing solar energy that is free of cost. 

With this, he stands as an exemplar for the rest of the society. His sheer determination to do something good for the society has helped him a great deal.