Chennai: A 16-year-old girl, who was reported missing was found when she approached the police alleging that she had been confined to a house and raped multiple times by several men. 

The police have arrested three women – Sabeena (31), Mubeena Begum (37) and Nisha (36) – in connection with the crime.

According to reports, the teenager was living with her mother and grandmother in Pulianthope area in Chennai. She allegedly fought with her grandmother and moved out of her house and stayed at her friend Sabeena’s house on July 3.

The girl befriended Sabeena’s friend Mubeena Begum and they promised to help the teenager find a job. The two women allegedly took the girl to Nisha’s house and locked her up on July 3.

When she was confined to Nisha’s house, five men entered the room and allegedly gang-raped her for three days, according to reports. 

The girl, who escaped from the place after three days, called her mother and narrated her ordeal. 

Though an FIR has been registered, charges of rape has not been included in it. According to the police, Sabeena and Mubeena Begum cheated the girl with promise of employment while Nisha confined her in her house and hence rape charges can be added to the FIR only after questioning. The police are also inquiring about the women about the five men, who had allegedly raped the teen.