Chennai: Miffed that no promotion was given for the past six years, a Chennai police inspector has decided to surrender his promotion and the awards given to him by former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa in the year 2004.

Inspector Peter Jawahar took to Twitter to express his displeasure in not being given a promotion in six years based on seniority. He said that his good service was “insulted” by a few officers.

Jawahar was part of the 700-odd police team that combed the forests in Tamil Nadu in search of sandalwood smuggler Veerappan and was killed him in an encounter.

He was also a part of a special team that killed two notorious gangsters in Chennai.

Jawahar stated that he would be submitting his resignation to the Chennai city police commissioner AK Viswanathan, who was his unit officer.

Jawahar said that he had been rewarded with a plot and Rs 3 lakh cash, apart from a promotion from sub-inspector to inspector in 2004. But nothing after that, he alleged.

The normal course of promotion from one stage to another is 10 years, but for Peter Jawahar, it has been long overdue – as it has been delayed by an additional six years.

His promotion and that of seven others was challenged by his ‘colleague officers’, and the case has been going on for 12-13 years in the Supreme Court.

Jawahar tweeted that he had taken up the matter with the home secretary and chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Jawahar further said that the promotion had been challenged by a few of his colleagues because those promoted were of different cadres - police head constable, sub inspector, assistant commissioner etc.

The number of policemen eligible for promotion was 700 and certain colleagues claimed that this would account for a mass promotion with no proper assessments.

He, however, said that it was a mass promotion simply because of the magnitude of the operation.

As many as 700 policemen carried out searches for Veerappan in nearly 12,000 sq km spread over Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka borders.

Jawahar alleged that he should have been promoted as a deputy superintendent of police (DSP) by the fag end of 2013 and been in the ranks of Additional Commissioner of police by now. However, he has decided to resign.