At 4:30 AM on April 27, 2017, the sound of gunfire woke up Captain Ayush Yadav of the 310 Field Regiment. Terrorists had just attacked his army garrison at Panzgam in Kashmir's Kupwara district.

Taking advantage of the thick foliage and mountainous terrain, three terrorists snuck past the Line of Control and targeted the garrison.

They hurled grenades and started firing indiscriminately at the guards.

Their main target was the living quarters in the garrison, which is spread over an area of 400x600 metres and accommodated over 1200 soldiers.

Captain Ayush grabbed his AK-47 and rushed out. He fired at the terrorists, who were inching towards the living quarters. With him were Subedar Bhoop Singh of the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers and Naik B V Ramana of 16 Madras.

Captain Ayush was seriously injured during the exchange of fire. However, despite his injuries, Captain Ayush Yadav did not allow the terrorists to reach the living quarters. Subedar Bhoop Singh and Naik B V Ramana were grievously injured too.

However, their actions provided the quick reaction team crucial time to engage the terrorists and ultimately neutralise them.

Flags of Honour remembers their bravery and supreme sacrifice in the line of duty.