Bengaluru: Arif Aajakia, a Pakistan human rights activist has praised PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah for passing the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Lok Sabha. 
He put out a tweet in this regard and urged the two to help him get citizenship as he is presently exiled. 

Aajakia had one more plea as well. Just like the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), he added that even Muhajirs, Sindhis and Baloch belong to India. So he appealed to Shah to spare a thought for these communities and help them get human rights in Pakistan.

Here’s the tweet. 


The Lok Sabha passed the CAB late on Monday night with 311 voting in favour of it while 80 against it. Interestingly, the Shiva Sena, which is partnering with the Congress and the NCP in Maharashtra also voted in favour of the bill. 

Well, a human rights activist from Pakistan is able to appreciate Modi’s effort in securing the country, but many in our own country are crying foul over the CAB and NRC implementation. Some journalists like Burkha Dutt have openly sought a ‘Gandhi-like’ figure who would go on a fast to oppose the bill. 

In reality, the bill is not discriminative. If anything, it has a mother-like heart to encompass within itself all people of Indic faiths. It is impossible to understand how Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are persecuted based on their faiths. They maybe persecuted for other reasons, but to ask India to accommodate them for reasons which are not based on religion would be ridiculous. 

The bill will come up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha on December 11. If it is passed there, it will be a watershed moment in India’s history as the two pillars of the current government – Narendra

Modi and Amit Shah – will fulfil their longstanding promise of saving persecuted people.