Bengaluru: One of the allegations that the Modi-led central government faces whenever it implements a policy is that it is doing in order to win elections. 

When abrogation of articles 35A and 370 took place, it was alleged that the BJP wanted to win Haryana and Maharashtra, and that’s the reason why the abrogation was brought in. 

A few days ago, when the Indian Parliament upheld the Citizenship Amendment Bill, there were also allegations that the Modi government was doing it to win more elections. 

However, Union home minister Amit Shah gave a befitting reply to such allegations. In an interview to India Today, he said, "How am I in a hurry. it's been 70 years. We aren't doing this for any election since there are none around the corner."

Amit Shah also added, "If I was doing politics, I'd have done this [CAA] in 2023."

The CAA intends to give citizenship to those persecuted minorities living in India (non-Muslims) before December 31, 2014. 

The citizenship applies to religiously persecuted minorities who were living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

The issue of illegal immigration has been haunting India for a long, long time. It is the Congress which has to be blamed, for it has not taken sufficient steps to arrest the crime. The party stands to gain a lot from illegal infiltrators from these countries because of vote bank politics. 

What makes Amit Shah and Modi different is that they are persevering and don’t hesitate to take bold decisions. 

Amit Shah then added, "The Congress didn't deal with the country's problems. This is Modi's government. And we are not here to run a government but to resolve country's problems. We aren't here to do politics. We could've sat down for five years."

That sums up the zeal and the tenacity of purpose the Modi government has in solving the problems of India.