Bengaluru: The heartrending story of Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria, who was discriminated, harassed and sidelined because he is a Hindu, should move even the stone-hearted. 

In simple terms, he is a synecdoche of all the religiously persecuted minorities not just in Pakistan, but also in Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

Just imagine! If this is the plight of a national cricketer, what would be that of a common person of the minority group! 

In fact, there is another cricketer which we might have missed out. He is Mohammad Yousuf, a Christian who converted to Islam. 

Today Minister of State for Minority Welfare Muslim Waqf and Hajj, Mohsin Raza said: “The way Pakistan treated Kaneria and other players, India needed to bring CAA and welcome such people who have faced atrocities. We say that doors of India are open for them and we shall welcome that.”

The two cricketers had to change their names as they converted to other religions. 

“They are facing all sorts of discrimination in Pakistan. Danish Kaneria is Dinesh Kaneria but had to change his name to play in the Pakistan team. Similarly, Mohammad Yousuf is a Christian and his name is Yousuf Yuhana. They can come to India and the Citizenship Amendment Act is there and we will welcome them.”

The CAA grants citizenship to the religiously persecuted Hindus and other non-Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

In India, protests are being held over the CAA alleging that it is discriminatory. Many CMs have also openly said that they would not implement the CAA, including West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee who said she would not implement it till she is alive. 

It should also be noted that in the name of protests, several vandalism acts have taken place, leading to a lot of losses.

The PM and Union home minister have reiterated that the CAA doesn’t affect Indian Muslims, but these violent protesters are not heeding to it.