Bengaluru: Protests across the nation or do we say stage managed protests and violence across the nation? The Opposition led by the Congress has its own spin on the amended citizenship law and has been instilling fear in the minds of the Muslims that it is aimed at taking away their citizenship.

Well at times, a Pakistani gets it, but the Congress does not. There is a viral video of a Pakistani anchor who goes by the name Tarik Aslam Gora, which is a must watch. He makes it clear that the law is not against the Indian Muslims, while also adding that the new law is a prominent and much needed one.

He starts off by saying that the new law is not against the Muslims. "However, the Muslims are still angry about it. Let me tell you that the Muslims in India are in a better position when compared to any other country."

He then goes on to attack some journalists and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. He says that the likes of Owasi are only playing the Muslim card. What problems do the Muslims have in India, he asks one again.

He also reserves some criticism for the likes of Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter Sana Iltija and a self proclaimed activist Shehla Rashid. Kashmir has been a victim of proxy terror for years, he says, while also asking where were these people then. Did these hollow and shallow activists raise their voices against the suffering of the people due to proxy terrorism, he further asks.

You can check the video here: