Bengaluru: In an address at the Global Forum on Refugees in Geneva, Pakistan Prime Minister is reported to have said, “We are worried there would not only be a refugee crisis, we are worried it could lead to a conflict between two nuclear-armed countries. Our country will not be able to accommodate more refugees.” 

First things first. Pakistan was formed on the basis of the religion Islam. When it was formed, it was said that Pakistan would uphold the glory of the principles of Islam and be a guiding light to others.

But one can’t miss the irony and hypocrisy of Pakistan as it has, on record, said that their counterparts in India, also Muslims, will not be allowed! 

Secondly, those ill-informed Indian Muslims who participated in the protests should take note of this statement. 

India is, was and will be a safe heaven for not just Muslims, but for people of all faiths and sects. 

But sadly, on the contrary to this statement by Imran Khan, the Congress and its ilk have never shied away from creating misinformation and lies.

What’s also noteworthy and equally abominable is that the protests have been used to pursue an anti-India and anti-Hindutva policy. 

For example, the sacred symbol of Om was manipulated to resemble the Nazi Swastika and there were chants of “getting freedom from the clutches of Hindus!” 

The protests are still going on in some parts of India against the exclusion of Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

These protesters would do well to understand the attitude of Pakistani authorities in excluding co-religionists and learn to reemphasise and reiterate to themselves that their home country, India is the safest place for them to carry on with their lives. 

However, parties like the Congress, who are hell-bent on dividing the nation, continue with their propaganda.