Bengaluru: The pain and privations faced by religiously persecuted Hindus in Pakistan is hard to digest. 

The way they have fled from the neighbouring nation in the hope of succour and relief to their motherland India makes anyone teary-eyed. 

In an exclusive chat with MyNation, a persecuted minority Hindu from Pakistan Sonadas opened up about all the inflictions he and his family faced. 

Sonadas heads a family of 12 members. He lived in Sindh Hyderabad of Pakistan. But he faced a lot of troubles from extremist Muslims. Fed up with them, he had been trying for a visa to go to pilgrim centres in India. In the year 2012, he finally succeeded and came to India along with his family. He adds that the whole world knows the intense humiliation and subjugation minority Hindus face in Pakistan. 

“Happy that I am back in my motherland” 

The passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) now a law has given people like Sonadas a lot of happiness. He adds, “I run a lot of errands in Delhi in order to take care of my family. It’s not that I don’t face difficulties here, but I am glad I am in my motherland. I have religious freedom here. Our children can pursue their dreams here. With the passage of the CAB, to an extent, the pains and privations we faced have reduced.” 

“Rape of Hindu girls is common in Pakistan” 

Majnu-ka-tilla is a refugee camp near Delhi, housing persecuted Hindus. Shilpi Tiwari who works in the Hindu emergency and aid team there to improve their lives says, “It is a common thing to kidnap Hindu girls and rape them. Hindu population in Pakistan abounds with Dalits. They are treated like second class citizens. The subjugation and persecution of Hindus has increased in the last 7-8 years. Unable to face the massive persecution, they all have fled to India. The number only keeps on increasing.”